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Today In The UC (Page) 05-11-16The Upper Cumberland. It’s where we live. It’s where we work. It’s where we raise our families. The people and organizations in our community are what make it tick. Lite Rock 95.9 knows the impact that local organizations have on this and surrounding communities.

Each week, Lite Rock 95.9 will have interviews with representatives of organizations that impact the Upper Cumberland.

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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Mental Health

Emma Crabtree discusses your mental health as our community deals with COVID-19. Uneasiness, concern, anger, sadness, fear, being overwhelmed – what are the emotions you’re dealing with right now as our community tries to deal with COVID-19? It’s time to spend some time on your mental health, and that’s what we’re going to do today with Emma Crabtree, a licensed ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: COVID-19 Answers

Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s Dr. Pierce answers your COVID-19 questions. In a world full of misinformation and rumors, we try to bring you some answers. COVID-19 – Dr. Mark Pierce, Infectious Disease Specialist at Cookeville Regional Medical Center, joins us this week to answer questions from the community regarding the Coronavirus. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs each weekend as ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: FEMA-SBA

Learn more about what disaster relief is available for the Putnam Co tornadoes. This is the Hyder-Burks Pavilion – the disaster relief center for Putnam County. Yard signs pointing residents to state agencies, to FEMA. While this weekend our community’s focus has turned to the Coronavirus, we want to make sure that every victim of the tornado understands what services ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Coronavirus

CRMC’s Dr. Mark Pierce discusses precautionary measures against the coronavirus. Our community has spent the better part of two weeks with uncertainty. The cleanup continues from last week’s F4 tornado. In the meantime, a coronavirus pandemic has caused many to worry, and a change to typical March life around our region. We begin with COVID-19. What do we know? What ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: March 3rd Tornado Reflections

Several Stonecom Radio team members reflect on the Tuesday, March 3rd tornadoes. On the morning of Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, just before 2am, a tornado touched down in Baxter, and marched down Highway 70 towards Cookeville causing damage, destruction, and death. It’s been a difficult time for residents of Putnam County, and this week, Lite Rock 95.9’s Sheila Scruggs sits ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Foster Parents

Centerstone’s Jessica Branch discusses what it takes to become a foster parent. The waiting lists are long – foster children in the Upper Cumberland needing a home. From infants to teens, there are just more young people in the system than there are places for them. If you’ve ever considered, even just briefly, the thought of being a foster parent, ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Tech Talk

Ciphertek’s Brandon LaDuke helps you navigate the changing world of technology. So you find yourself sitting down all excited about the brand new product you just purchased, and then you start trying to figure out how it works. Or it’s something you’ve owned for a long time, but some company has made a change, and now you can’t do that ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Upper Cumberland Business Journal

Upper Cumberland Business Journal’s Michelle Price discusses covering businesses Corporations, industry, retail, small business, tourism, homegrown business, expansion – it’s all a part of the Upper Cumberland business scene as this region re-imagines itself. Finding its place in the 21st century technical landscape where location is no longer the number one thing in business. Covering those developments is the Upper ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Mechatronics

TTU’s Dr. Stephen Canfield provides an introduction to the field of mechatronics The field is called mechatronics. In our technical world, it’s all about bringing together the mechanical, and the electronic. In recent reports, 7 of the most in demand engineering jobs said the automation and robotics engineer is one of the most in demand engineers of the next decade. ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Alvin C York

Caitlin Davis discusses the legacy of Alvin C York Today In The Upper Cumberland Alvin Cullum York entered the world as the third of eleven children, born in a two room log cabin in Fentress County in 1887. His prominence would come after he left the Upper Cumberland, transported to the European theater during World War I. York found himself ... Read More »