Monday, July 22, 2024
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Submit Your 2020 Stay At Home Prom Story

Let’s face it…COVID-19 sure has put a damper on romance. But Lite Rock 95.9 has you covered. We present your 2020 Stay At Home Prom and your chance to win a southeastern getaway on us.

Saturday, May 2, we’re turning down the lights, getting all dressed up for some classic prom tunes and dances that you request. SEND YOUR SONG REQUEST right now and you are automatically entered to win a southeastern romantic getaway when this COVID thing is all done.

You could also be chosen King and Queen of the prom.Send us the story of your prom. Tell us about meeting your sweetie. Share how you’ve gotten through this COVID-19 together. We’d love a picture of you two getting ready for your all-day prom! It’s all about romance and fun. Every hour, we’re giving away romantic prizes in honor of the best stories.

Submit Your Prom Story

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