Saturday, October 16, 2021
Happening Now

Tom Dupree

Hey it’s Tom Dupree, so you want to know a little about me? Well I’ve been working in radio on air since 2003 with every station being in Florida before relocating. I have 4 kids, a beautiful wife named Jessica and a crazy Golden doodle named Charley! A lot of people ask, “why Tennessee? You lived in paradise in Florida!” In all honesty Florida is great for beach people which we are not!!! Both my wife and I lived in the northeast and knew for our family we wanted seasons.

My main interests when I’m not on air are sports, working out, binge watching Netflix, live music, grilling (honestly I don’t know how…someone teach me) and family time! I’m pumped to hangout with you and bring fun to the upper Cumberland! Thanks for listening!

Playing Fun, Upbeat Hits for the Upper Cumberland’s weekend – it’s Tom Dupree on Lite Rock 95.9!

Saturdays 2-5pm, Sundays 4-6pm