Monday, June 5, 2023
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Insure Success Teacher Grant With Swallows Insurance and Lite Rock 95.9

Upper Cumberland teachers give so much to their students, often taking money out of their own pocket to make it happen.

Our partners at Swallows Insurance and Lite Rock 95.9 want to support teachers working hard to make learning and dreaming and thinking happen for students all across the Upper Cumberland. The Insuring Success Award Grant gives local teachers the chance to win a grant valued at $300-$500 each month to support an idea that will help ensure our kids learn more.

Maybe it’s a special project for your classroom such as creating a special learning center or painting a wall with something unique to your area of teaching. Maybe it’s providing a unique learning experience for your students such as a garden. Maybe you need supplies for the music room or new globes or some other tool that is not available. Could you have the idea for a special field trip? Maybe it’s helping some unique students with challenges. It might just be replenishing something in your classroom.

You dream it, you need it, we will try to pay for it.

This is open to all teachers in the Upper Cumberland and all classes including arts, drama, career, music, etc. at all grade levels. Each submission will be graded – our chance to use red ink – and evaluated. And each month, we will make a grant award from Swallows Insurance and Lite Rock 95.9.

And students can also apply, by telling us a program in their school they would like to support!

Tell your teaching friends and let us help you! We are working with you to Insure Success! From Swallows Insurance and Lite Rock 95.9.

Tell Us About Your Project Today And Let Us Help You Insure Success

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