Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Happening Now

Brian Hammer

A Chicago native Brian Hammer’s been using the dial to deliver his unique brand of ‘humor’ for 15+ years now. With time spent in cities like New York, LA & Phoenix its safe to say that when there’s not a mic in front of his face, he’s out looking for the next great local eatery. An avid Football fan, GO BEARS, you can expect to find the first day of the season circled on his calendar…not to mention forcing his wife and newborn son to sit through some very excited ‘cheering’ every Sunday after it starts. As often as possible he’ll head to California to spend time with family whom he enjoys a very close relationship with.

Brian Hammer’s more than ecstatic to bring Cookville fun, upbeat hits every morning on Lite Rock 95.9.

Saturdays 2-5pm