Sunday, August 7, 2022
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How the Trump impeachment inquiry compares to Bill Clinton’s

The first public hearings of the impeachment inquiry that begin Wednesday mark the fourth time in history that Congress has considered removing a president from office. The last time was 1998 when the House of Representatives impeached President Bill Clinton. Nancy Cordes takes a look back at how they compare. Source Read More »

Venice flooded by second-highest tide in its history

Venice, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, is dealing with near-record flooding. Large areas were swamped by the second-highest tide ever recorded in the city, which is known for its canals and gondolas. The mayor blamed climate change and declared a state of emergency. Source Read More »

Fraternity and drinking culture questioned after 4 student deaths in 1 month

All social events for fraternities and sororities were suspended at Washington State University after the death Tuesday of a student possibly tied to alcohol. It’s the second fraternity-related death in the past week and the fourth college campus death in the past month that’s led to fraternity suspensions or crack-downs on frat parties. Jamie Yuccas reports. Source Read More »