Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Sheila Scruggs

Sheila (Page) 12-1-15Originally from Lynchburg, TN (By the way, Sheila makes excellent lemonade…), Sheila lives in Cookeville with husband Tim and her fuzzy “kids.”

Sheila has always wanted a career in the spotlight. As a child, Sheila desperately wanted to be a professional whistler…but a series of unfortunate playground pranks involving sticking her tongue to a frozen flag pole brought those dreams to an end. Luckily, Sheila was encouraged by her Granny who said, “A whistling woman and a crowing hen always comes to a bad end.”

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Sheila Says: Enjoy Spooky Local Stories

Dale Welch works at the Monterey Depot Museum and is also a Putnam County historian.  I asked Dale to tell us some local folklore for Halloween week. Here are five stories Dale shared with me along with my interview about how he learned about all these tall tales. Dale Welch                 Read More »

Sheila Says: Help Chief Brown With His Medical Bills

Tom Brown is a 40 year veteran of the fire service who currently serves as fire chief for Putnam County. He was diagnosed with leukemia and is currently receiving treatment in Nashville. The community would like to help the family with medical expenses. On Saturday, October 20th at 4pm, there will be a soup dinner and silent auction at First ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Cookeville High Student Learns About Law During Summer Vacation

Cookeville High School student, Caleb Stout, 14, learned some new skills this summer.  He was a participant in the Tennessee Highway Patrol youth Academy held for a week this summer. He also got the chance to see what his dad does on a daily basis as a Cookeville Police officer,Caleb’s parents,  Darrin and Ginger joined us on this interview with ... Read More »

Sheila Says: John Oates Loves Nashville

John Oates is one half of the best-selling duo of all time, Daryl Hall & John Oates, as well as an accomplished solo artist. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  In addition to his solo shows, John Oates continues to tour with Daryl Hall, playing sold-out concerts around the world. I ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Susan Lucci Is Nothing Like Erica Cane

Susan Lucci is famous for her role as Erica Cane on “All My Children” from 1970 to 2011, and she now stars on “Devious Maids” on Lifetime. She’s promoting her new QVC activewear line, the Susan Lucci Collection, which launched on April 13th. I discuss all of this with this beautiful star.   Here’s the interview. Read More »

Sheila Says: Flea & Tick Season Is Here

Are your pets ready for flea & tick season? It’s upon us. Our pets can get Lyme Disease just like we can. They need to be on a yearly prevention. What are some of the ways you can help your pet avoid these parasites?  Veterinarian, Dr. Dan Markwalder is the founding partner of Companion Animal Hospital in Chicago. He lets ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Marion Ross Is A Delight

You remember Happy Days and the Mom everyone loved, “Mrs. C”.  She was played by the lovely Marion Ross. She talks to me about her new memoir, My Days: Happy and Otherwise. Here’s the interview if you missed it. Read More »