Sunday, August 25, 2019
Happening Now

Sheila Says: A Motivational Book From A Local Author

Jeff & Becky Davidson started Rising Above Ministries to offer local families with special needs hope and encouragement. Through their spiritual journey, they have always been transparent to let others who are going through something similar know they are not alone. Becky Davidson lost her husband & best friend in May of 2017 due to a brief illness. He had started writing his second book before he passed. Becky was asked by the publishers if she could continue and finish the book Jeff had started. In this interview, you will hear Becky tell their story of how she was somehow able to finish this book even though Jeff wasn’t with her physically….Common Man, Extraordinary Call by Jeff Davidson with Becky Davidson.

“Love fiercely, run the race, finish strong”
“When we feel like we cannot trust God’s actions in our life, we must trust His heart.”
– Jeff Davidson


Jeff Davidson & Sheila Scruggs
December 2014 with Jeff’s first
book No More Peanut Butter

Becky Davidson & Sheila Scruggs
January 2019
Common Man, Extraordinary Call
by Jeff Davidson with Becky Davidson