Sunday, October 21, 2018
Happening Now

Need A Break From The Husband? Lite Rock 95.9 Wants To Give You A Man-A-Cure!

Suffering from Husband-Under-Foot-itis? Need to get him out of the house so you can RELAX without bumping into him every time you turn around? Sounds like YOU need a Man-A-Cure.

Tell us below why YOU need to relax with a manicure for yourself from Loxx Salon And Spa and why you need a Man-A-Cure to get your husband out of the house so you can relax, while he enjoys golf for two at the Sparta Country Club and he can grab a pizza from Papa John’s! Then listen Tuesday’s with John to see if you’re a winner!

You deserve a break, some peace and quiet and a manicure… And you could use a Man-A-Cure to get some time to yourself without tripping all over your man! Get your MANICURE from Loxx Salon And Spa, and a Man-A-Cure from Sparta Country Club and Papa Johns from the home of relaxation and Fun Upbeat Hits – Lite Rock 95.9!

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