Sunday, August 19, 2018
Happening Now

Need A Break From The Husband? Lite Rock 95.9 Wants To Give You A Man-A-Cure!

Suffering from Husband-Under-Foot-itis? Need to get him out of the house so you can RELAX without bumping into him every time you turn around? Sounds like YOU need a Man-A-Cure.

Tell us below why YOU need to relax with a manicure for yourself from Loxx Salon And Spa and why you need a Man-A-Cure to get your husband out of the house so you can relax, while he enjoys golf for two at the Sparta Country Club and lunch at The 10th Hole Sports Bar! Then listen Tuesday’s with John to see if you’re a winner!

You deserve a break, some peace and quiet and a manicure… And you could use a Man-A-Cure to get some time to yourself without tripping all over your man! Get your MANICURE from Loxx Salon And Spa, and a Man-A-Cure from Sparta Country Club and The 10th Hole Sports Bar from the home of relaxation and Fun Upbeat Hits – Lite Rock 95.9!

And remember to follow the rules!

Win A Man-A-Cure For You And Your Significant Other

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