Friday, July 29, 2016
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Hometown High Five To Mary Kelly of Crossville

Hometown High Five With Sponsor (Logo) 04-18-16 copy

Check out our Hometown High Five recipients! Tell us the good news about your spouse, child, friend or neighbor by posting on Facebook/Twitter with #hometownhighfive or email Sheila Scruggs about the special person and their honor. Then listen mornings, as Sheila delivers a Hometown High Five to that special someone. 07-29-16 Congratulations to Mary Jones Kelly of Crossville for bringing ... Read More »

See What’s Happening At The Putnam County Fair

Putnam County Fair 2016 (Logo) 07-27-16

The 2016 Putnam County Fair kicks off Friday night at the Fairgrounds…and Lite Rock 95.9 will be there to celebrate. From fun rides to spectacular shows and tasty treats, the Putnam County Fair will have it all! The Fair will be in town until Saturday, August 6th, so click here and plan your trip to the fair!   Read More »

Sheila Says: We’re Getting A New Mural


I’ve had questions about the “I Believe In Cookeville” sign close to the depot. It’s on the opposite side of the building from the Coca Cola sign (Shelton Properties). Turns out the Believe sign was a little too much like the original one in Nashville. So, out of respect for that artist, Cookeville is designing a new one to replace ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Here’s How To Save On Your Electric Bill In This Heat


On days like we’ve had recently, your air conditioner is probably working overtime, but there are ways to save on your electric bill: Be sure to change the air filter. Use fans. They’re much cheaper to use and they help circulate cold air. Stop cooling rooms you don’t use. If there’s an extra bedroom you’re not using close the vents ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Miss Cleo Wasn’t Really Jamaican


The psychic Miss Cleo passed away yesterday morning of colon cancer. Remember her from the 90’s late night TV Commercials? She promised callers that she’d use “the power of the tarot to show you the way.” In an interview one time she said, “I come from a family of spooky people & voodoo.” Did you know her Jamaican accent was fake? She made ... Read More »

Sheila Says: I’m Swamped With Home Remedies


Thanks for all of the home remedies and get well wishes due to my scratchy voice. I’ve been fighting this upper respiratory infection off for about 6 days now. The doc has given me antibiotics. I haven’t addressed it much on the air but anyone who listens can tell I do not sound my usual self and some have even thought ... Read More »


Today In The UC Cropped 3

The Democratic Party will gather its delegates in Philadelphia this week as the nation continues its focus on the presidential race. We continue our examination of the presidential race, the two candidates and the feelings among voters as we sitdown with Tennessee Tech Political Science Professor Dr. Lori Maxwell. Dr. Maxwell examines the two candidates in light of the populist ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Did You Know There’s A Baby Food Festival?


It’s time to pass the mixed carrots, or maybe the pear zucchini corn. Fremont, Michigan is celebrating the 25th annual National Baby Food Festival, which began Wednesday and ends Saturday. The town of 4,000 is home to the Gerber Baby Food Company and is welcoming thousands of visitors to enjoy entertainment as well as baby food eating contests by adults ... Read More »