Friday, July 31, 2015
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The Grumpy, Frowning Dog


His owners promise he’s a happy dog, but if you look at his face, you’d think differently! Earl the grumpy puppy is part Beagle and Pug. He’s six months old and looks like he has a permanent frown. He even has his own facebook page!      s Read More »

How To Take A Good Selfie


In this age of social media, we want to take the best pic possible whether its a selfie or a pic of places from our vacations. Here are some tips to help improve your photo skills:  Keep your phone at arm’s length, but don’t strain.  Obviously you should stretch out your arm far enough to get the phone away from your ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Summer Crime


It’s about time away from work….a trip to the beach…weekends at the lake. It’s summertime across the Upper Cumberland. But there’s no break from criminals who may be targeting you and your family. Putnam County Sheriff Eddie Ferris provides some tips on how to keep your possessions safe at home – and how you can stay safe when you are ... Read More »

Sheila’s Pet Of The Week: Juno


Juno is a beautiful blue-gray color.  She loves attention and if she’s not getting attention, she will meow as to tell you, “Pet me”. Juno is about 2 years old, declawed and spayed. She’s ready to be adopted. See Juno at the Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter. Watch Juno’s Video — Sheila Scruggs (@Sheila_Scruggs) Read More »

Hometown High Five

hometown high five

A new Eagle Scout. A promotion for a local leader. A firefighter achieves new certification. National organization honors a local resident. Just some of the reasons a neighbor deserve a Hometown High Five from Lite Rock 95.9 and Hooper Huddleston and Horner. We need your help to share the good news about your spouse, child, friend or neighbor. Tell us ... Read More »