Sunday, May 26, 2019
Happening Now

Happening Now

Send Your Kids To The Cool Kids Camp With Lite Rock 95.9

School’s out for summer! Don’t know what to do with the kids? Let Sheila Scruggs send them to The Cool Kids Camp – Cedar Lake Camp – from Lite Rock 95.9! Enter below! Tell us why your kids would love to head to The Cool Kids Camp at Cedar Lake Camp! Then listen weekday mornings with Sheila. She’ll announce one ... Read More »

Say Thanks To Someone Special In Your Life & Pay It Forward!

The person who goes out of their way everyday at the office… Your mom – who calls to say “I love you,” just because… The mail carrier that brings your mail to the door so you don’t have to go out in the rain… Lite Rock 95.9 wants to know WHO is special to you! Tell us about someone special ... Read More »

Hometown High Five

A new Eagle Scout. A promotion for a local leader. A firefighter achieves new certification. National organization honors a local resident. Just some of the reasons a neighbor deserve a Hometown High Five from Lite Rock 95.9 and Hooper Huddleston and Horner. We need your help to share the good news about your spouse, child, friend or neighbor. Tell us ... Read More »

Win A DQ Cake For Your Special Occasion

Special people – friends, loved ones, co-workers – Lite Rock 95.9 knows you love helping all these extraordinary people in your life celebrate special occasions. Lite Rock 95.9 and Dairy Queen want to make your celebrations a little sweeter! The Lite Rock 95.9 Birthday And Anniversary Salute presented by Dairy Queen awards special people with a special treat free from Dairy Queen. Who ... Read More »