Monday, March 19, 2018
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Altered states: Can LSD contribute to mental health?

Faith Salie reports on how LSD and “magic mushrooms” are being studied for their ability to help patients conquer anxiety and depression without the psychedelia long associated with mind-altering drugs. Salie talks with author Ayelet Waldman, who microdosed LSD and overcame a deep depression, and with NYU professor Tony Bossis, who conducted a clinical trial of cancer patients treated for ... Read More »

Changing minds

Actress Glenn Close has taken on a new role – hoping to help de-stigmatize mental illness. That’s because mental illness runs in her own family. (Her nephew, Calen, has schizophrenia; and her sister Jessie, after a lifetime of struggles, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.) Glenn and Jessie have since started a foundation, Bring Change to Mind, to encourage communication ... Read More »

A brush with madness

Vincent Van Gogh is just one of scores of artists, writers and musicians who are known or believed to have suffered from mental illness. Is there a relationship between mania and creativity? …read more Source:: CBS News Radio Health Read More »