Thursday, September 21, 2017
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The Foolproof Method for Washing Salad Greens — Tips from The Kitchn

By Lauren Friel (Image credit: Jenny Huang) Every restaurant kitchen has an unsung hero — someone who keeps the wheels turning, the food coming (and, as a result, the lights on), but who never makes it into the magazines. Sometimes it’s the dishwasher, sometimes it’s the fry cook. At Oleana Restaurant, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I worked for several years ... Read More »

Twitter Is Not Happy About This Meal Prepping Idea — Food Media

By Susmita Baral (Image credit: Kelli Foster) Food stylists know a thing or two about how to present a meal. And there’s some merit to the notion of focusing on how food looks: some research has found that the way food is presented can make it more (or less) appetizing for the individual consuming it. READ MORE » …read more ... Read More »

5 Tips for Successfully Painting Wood Cabinets White — Paint Project

By Ayn-Monique Klahre White cabinets are all the rage. A recent Houzz survey found that 42 percent of people who are updating their cabinets are painting them white — and that number is growing year over year. I just had my own kitchen cabinets painted white, and I can attest that the color does an amazing job of brightening up ... Read More »

5 Rules for Choosing a Dining Room Table (Plus Some to Buy) — Shopping

By Megan Hopp Whether you’re looking to buy your first table or you want to upgrade the hand-me-down you’ve been eating off of for years, the market can be overwhelming. A single search on Overstock for “dining room and kitchen tables” comes up with 2,380 results. And that’s just one site! To help you narrow it down, I’ve distilled my ... Read More »