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Sheila Says: Oleg From Two Broke Girls Talks Stand Up


Jonathan Kite plays Oleg, the Ukrainian cook at the Willamsburg Diner where the girls work, on “2 Broke Girls” on CBS.  When he’s not filming “2 Broke Girls”, he still tours the country doing stand-up. Jonathan talks about filming his stand up at his old high school. Read More »

Sheila Says: It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time


It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season! They’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and they celebrate with a new cookie, the S’mores cookie! Here’s where you can purchase cookies: Spring Street Market in Cookeville, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Old Navy, Kroger in Cookeville or go to to find a cookie booth near you. Girl Scouts Olivia & Kaydence ... Read More »

Sheila Says: A Memoir By A 94 Year Old Pearl Harbor Survivor


75 years ago Japanese planes attacked the United States Naval Base in the Hawaii Territory. Donald Stratton was a 19 year old from Nebraska on board the USS Arizona ship when the sneak attack happened. At 94, he’s one of only 5 survivors still living to tell their story. He’s written a memoir, the first by an U. S. S Arizona ... Read More »

Sheila Says: It’s Martin Luther King, Jr Day


It’s been nearly 55 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Junior gave the historic “I Have a Dream” speech. Delivered at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th, 1963 during a March on Washington, the speech is considered one of the defining moments of the Civil Rights movement and one of the most famous speeches in history. Here are some little-known ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Snooki Talks Celebrity Apprentice


Reality star from  Jersey Shore,  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is currently a contestant on The New Celebrity Apprentice.  The show airs Mondays on NBC. She talks about working with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger and tells us if it’s truly a reality show or scripted. Read More »

Sheila Says: How To Eat Healthy & Feel Full


My friend Lisa Little is a fitness instructor at Tennessee Tech, the Putnam County YMCA, Absolute Fitness and Leisure Services Rec Center. I asked her to talk about how to stay on track with eating healthy and staying full as we go into the new year.  If you need good tips to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolution, ... Read More »

Sheila Says: Eat Healthier This Year


Everyone wants to eat better as part of their New Year’s Resolutions, and the quality of the food you choose makes all the difference.  Sheila & Sarah Walters, The Country Hen Communications Team Member, discuss some tasty, yet good-for-you ideas to help keep those resolutions! Read More »